Welcome to Relic Jewelry, where passion meets craftsmanship to create jewelry that captivates hearts and transcends expectations.

Our Story

At Relic Jewelry, we believe in the power of Art and Culture. Established in 2020, Relic Jewelry was born out of a profound love for artistry and a desire to create pieces that transcend the ordinary. Our journey began when Yasaman Asadi, our visionary founder, envisioned a brand that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics, traditional craftsmanship and sustainability.

The inspiration behind Relic Jewelry can be traced back to Yasaman's lifelong fascination with gemstones, a desire to revive traditional craftsmanship, a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. It was this passion that fueled the inception of a brand dedicated to crafting jewelry that not only enhances beauty but also tells a unique story with every piece.

Join Our Radiant Journey

As we continue to redefine elegance and celebrate the art of adornment, we invite you to explore our collections. Whether you're selecting a piece to mark a special occasion or adding to your everyday elegance, thank you for being part of the Relic Jewelry story.

Discover the allure of Relic Jewelry– where every piece is not just jewelry but a manifestation of refined artistry.